Letter from our President

Three years ago I hesitantly went through Panhellenic recruitment, I didn’t know if I fit my preconceived vision of a sorority woman that media had shown me, but my desire to make friends and become involved on campus pushed me to learn more about Panhellenic life.  Walking into Chi Omega’s room the wonderfully kind women of Rho Mu debunked my reservations towards joining Panhellenic life, showing me Chi Omega was a space to feel comfortable, confident, and supported in my skin.  The women joked about their feet hurting in their heels, and their own awkward experiences going through recruitment.  They made me feel comfortable and quickly showed me that Panhellenic life could be an opportunity to meet hundreds of funny and vulnerable friends.  I fell in love with Rho Mu as the sisters told me that whether or not I found my home in Chi Omega they would want to remain friends with me and always have my best interest at heart. 

Chi Omega women are women that gather in an understanding of the need to support one another and provide a safe space and home for each other as college life gets busy or one feels lost and alone.  College can be hard, but having a welcoming and caring group of sisters to turn to is something I will never take for granted. 

My sisters are strong and empowered, they are athletes, scientists, businesswomen, artists, and so much more.  They are confident in who they are and their confidence shines through as they empower each other and strive to be the best versions of themselves while wanting the same for their sisters. 

I am proud to be a part of a sisterhood that lives through the symphony “to be womanly always; to be discouraged never,” and that strive to be “lovable rather than ‘popular’”.  I have found that to be “womanly” means to be strong and confident.  It is okay to not be sure of yourself and need support, that is just what Chi Omega sisters are for, they are a group of loving and supportive women that together create a unit toIMG_1386.JPG lift each other.  Whether it be to give a sister the confidence to apply for an internship she is unsure she will receive, to support a sister during a soccer game, or simply to be a presence for a sister struggling through a mental hardship, a Chi Omega sister is always there when needed. 

I have immense gratitude, respect, and love, for the women I have been able to call friends and sisters.  My Rho Mu sisters accept my Harry Potter enthusiast, baking obsessed, and always fashionably late, quirky self.  I hope for everyone to find a home among a group of empowering, sincere, and kind friends who are accepting and celebrate who you are.  For me, this group will always be among my sisters in Chi Omega. 


Megan Youngerman

Sister and Chapter President of Chi Omega Rho Mu