Meg Youngerman picture
Meg Youngerman
Alana Dickens picture
Alana Dickens
Vice President
Yalda Feiz picture
Yalda Feiz
Claire Partridge picture
Claire Partridge
Allison Harris picture
Allison Harris
Member Educator
Kayte Lafon picture
Kayte Lafon
Personnel Chair
Emily Lane picture
Emily Lane
Recruitment Chair
Catherine Puppe picture
Catherine Puppe
Panhellenic Delegate
Milena Overstreet picture
Milena Overstreet
Director of Marketing
Olivia Villarreal picture
Olivia Villarreal
Director of Friendship/Social
Ariana Calderone picture
Ariana Calderone
Director of Sisterhood
Erin McMillen picture
Erin McMillen
Director of Campus Activities
Margaux Rocha picture
Margaux Rocha
Director of Career Development