Melanie Feith picture
Melanie Feith
Claire Beyer-Kropuenske picture
Claire Beyer-Kropuenske
Vice President
Hannah Rhodes picture
Hannah Rhodes
Kathryn Linnen picture
Kathryn Linnen
Dagne Olson picture
Dagne Olson
Member Educator
Ariana Calderone picture
Ariana Calderone
Personnel Chair
Olivia Villarreal picture
Olivia Villarreal
Recruitment Chair
Kathia Hernandez picture
Kathia Hernandez
Panhellenic Delegate
Dani Cummings picture
Dani Cummings
Director of Marketing
Debbie Romero picture
Debbie Romero
Director of Friendship/Social
Caitlin Smicklas picture
Caitlin Smicklas
Director of Sisterhood
Halle Chase picture
Halle Chase
Director of Campus Activities
Kendall Palmer picture
Kendall Palmer
Director of Career Development